Press office / Broadcastready.co.uk goes live on 18 December 2013

www.broadcastready.co.uk has been online for a few months, but in a secret place where the developers could work their magic in creating the technology, tweaking the user interface and for us to put the experts on. But on Wednesday 18th December 2013, the site will be unveiled so that anyone in the world with internet access can now see it.



Service orientated firm run by journalists and senior PR and being piloted by TV news editors 

17 DECEMBER EMBARGOED UNTIL WEDNESDAY 18 DECEMBER 2013: The world’s first video only website for the media to find expert male and female guests for broadcast with their contact details, launches. The pioneering website founded by a former TV journalist, was invented further to the huge challenges broadcast and online video journalists currently face. The site enhances the work of PR’s and marketers because PR’s should discover editorial opportunities coming directly to them rather than them having to always proactively sell in. Pre the 18th of December launch, the site was demonstrated at a high level to editors at every one of the five main British national TV news broadcasters. Broadcast Ready has one of the UK’s best databases of TV and radio news industry contacts. Lis Howell, Director of Broadcasting at City University’s School of Journalism and co-founder of the Expert Women campaign, has endorsed broadcast Ready.

Broadcast Ready’s aim is to help journalists who work tirelessly to get experts on their programmes and give experts a chance to get on air, as we increase the pool of broadcast endorsed interviewees for journalists to select from. Broadcast Ready is supported by a number of editors. Bespoke media training for experts may be required first because our focus is to maintain good British broadcasting standards.

Broadcast Ready is calling the PR and marketing industry to action, to apply to get their experts to be on broadcastready.co.uk, in particular Expert Women as there is a huge lack of these on air at the moment and the firm is also searching the UK for different types of experts that you don’t normally see on TV or hear on radio. Fields of expertise that we are looking to fill include the world of business, finance, politics, aviation, banking, comedy, health, science, terror and security amongst others.

The more experts that PR’s and marketers put on the independently run website, the more their lives should be made easier as a result because this is a new productive, time efficient method of working for both the PR and journalism industry.

Broadcast Ready invites all journalists, including print, to register on the site free of charge to search for interviewees.

The subscription based website is service orientated and proactive. The Company pushes out the experts’ profiles as potential guests for journalists to select from on relevant planned diary stories and breaking news. It is free for all journalists to use and features broadcast ready professors, doctors, experts from companies, and any good broadcast expert is welcome. The website was designed to protect brands as users cannot put comments under videos.

Unlike any other database of experts with contact details, the site specifically has a video only policy, because being on TV and radio, is all about intonation, energy and having the skills required to give answers that pack a punch.

Broadcast Ready company director, Kerry Hopkins said: “Being an expert doesn’t mean people will automatically be a natural broadcast interviewee, so only those endorsed by Broadcast Ready as compelling broadcast experts can get onto broadcastready.co.uk. This gives journalists the confidence to call the experts knowing they will make compelling guests.”

She continued: “Often, national news journalists are not specialists in every single subject so they do not know every possible expert that could be great and available. This site addresses this. It also brings to the attention of journalists a potential guest, that might not spring to mind as they are searching or one that they might not have associated with regarding a story. The site supports the drive to get more great expert women on air.”

Lis Howell, director of broadcasting at City University and Co-Founder of Expert Women said: “It’s vital that women, particularly those in business, are seen as experts and authority figures. Some firms already support the idea of more women on their executive boards and it would be great if this were to be reflected in the spokespeople and experts fielded on TV and radio programmes. Broadcast Ready will help those companies do this, and will help build confidence and broadcasting expertise for the female experts of the future.”

Faye Nickolds, former ITN ITV London editor and TV news consultant to Broadcast Ready says: “Broadcast Ready is a unique concept this industry has been crying out for. It will lead to greater choice of male and female experts for journalists and introduce many more expert women to the world of broadcasting. With quality a priority, it offers a win on all sides.”

Benefits of being on broadcastready.co.uk

  • The expert’s profile will be raised and endorsed
  • It introduces PR’s and experts to new contacts and opportunities
  • It’s video only, as a photo and copy won’t tell the broadcast journalist if the expert will make good TV
  • Interview bid requests for spokespeople should increase
  • Journalists know about you
  • Your competitor may be on the site
  • The expert’s profile will be raised and endorsed as a good broadcast expert


Broadcasters and online video journalists face these challenges:

  • Guest bookers and producers in national news are often generalists
  • Journalist’s existing expert contacts are not always available
  • Searching for experts will be more targeted, as currently journalists google a lot to find interviewees which takes up a lot of time and can be ineffective
  • Some won’t risk an expert if they are not tried and tested
  • Rolling news channels like new expert guests at intervals throughout the day to give fresh opinion. But they can have difficulty finding enough TV ready guests to do that, hence why  in some cases we often see the same VT repeated all day long
  • Broadcasters need to find more good female experts to put on air

The Expert Women Initiative

The BBC, Sky, Channel 4 News, ITV News and 5 News are being monitored on a monthly basis as part of an initiative called Expert Women. Lis Howell, the director of broadcasting at City University who held editorships at GMTV and Sky News, and Lisa Campbell, the editor of Broadcast magazine, founded Expert Women. The co-founders presented a pledge to British broadcasters that 30% of the experts on their programmes should be female experts, Channel 4 News and Sky News are amongst those who’ve signed it, but there is more work to do.

Press enquires and interview requests, please contact:

Kerry Hopkins, Broadcast Ready Limited

T: 07900 981 751

E: Kerry at broadcastready.co.uk

Notes to Editors:

Kerry Hopkins’s biography

Kerry has fifteen years media experience split between ten years corporate communications and public relations and as a TV journalist and producer at ITN’s ITV News and the BBC News Channel. Kerry is an experienced media trainer at C-suite level with FTSE 250 companies and continues to media train at Broadcast Ready.

Kerry was the Head of Broadcast and Digital at Newgate Communications and she also worked in-house at The Walt Disney Company. In PR agencies, her accounts have included Microsoft, Samsung, JP Morgan Asset Management, Schroders, Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline, adidas, Technogym, Isokinetic Medical Group and the Trading Standards Institute.