We are putting on a full day of TV news media training for a small group of elite professionals. Two award-winning international TV journalists including former BBC and ITV news journalist, Kerry Hopkins, will train you in a TV studio.

Do you have a secret desire to go on the news as a commentator? You know it also makes commercial sense but you’ve done nothing about it yet? Have you done a TV interview and lacked confidence, or just not as been as good as you feel you could be; so really want more practice to get your technique nailed?

Do you want to get your message across in a sure-fire confident style that could mean they’ll phone you back to get you on air again, and again? Do you want to be in with a chance as being one of the ‘go-to’ experts like the ones you often see on TV or radio news again and again?

But does facing Laura Kuenssberg fill you with fear? Or do you go on TV and never get called back again?

Broadcast Ready’s TV and radio journalists make sure that the right people from your organisation are media trained in a way where we also focus on performance. Breaking news 24 hours a day, the Internet, mobile phone videos, Skype interviews, and social media have made a demand for information more immediate than ever. Are you ready to face the press at the drop of a hat?

You’ll learn:

  • How to be a credible interviewee on TV
  • Experience being interviewed several times by an award-winning international journalist in a professional TV news setting
  • Get the all-important intonation training to give you an advantage edge
  • The chance to get a showreel made of your best take (additional cost required to produce this)
  • Test drive in the safety of a training room what it will feel like being an expert on the news
  • You’ll receive tips and techniques to take home with you as homework and ongoing practice and information about further coaching.

“Thanks for an excellent media training session today. Great to see you in action. You really know what you’re doing here. Great choice of team too with Angus and Chris” – FTSE 100 management consultant.

“Thanks for an excellent day, I learned so much and will ensure I practice at home too!” – Leading entrepreneur

“Thank you for your advice, guidance and genuine honesty, because without it I wouldn’t have achieved my media presence” – C-Suite Board Member in financial services

Please fill out our media training enquiry form below and we will get back to you shortly usually within 24 hours if it’s Monday to Friday.

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