Expert Women media training

BroadcastReady_Mic_ManOnly_colour_logoWE’RE BROADCAST READY. ARE YOU?

Does you organisation have women who you feel should have more media exposure because they’re great experts with the potential to be exceptional orators on TV and radio? Broadcast Ready is a new type of media training company, aimed at getting them in front of a microphone and has it’s own unique Expert Women initiatives set up to support the broadcasting industry.

We’re specialising in helping Expert Women become the top go-to spokespeople as broadcasters increasingly demand female experts on their programmes. Leading broadcasters such as Sky News and Channel 4 News have pledged that nearly a third of experts and commentators appearing on their news programmes are women, as part of the Expert Women initiative. The BBC, with agenda-making programmes such as Radio 4’s Today and the Ten O’Clock News, is under increasing pressure to have more women on its programmes.

Do you want to be ready to face the broadcast media with confidence? Do you want to get your message across in a sure fire style that could mean they’ll phone you back to get you on air again, and again? Do you want to be in with a chance as being one of the ‘go-to’ experts like the ones you often see on TV or radio news again and again?

But does facing Robert Peston fill you with fear? Or do you go on TV and never get called back again?

Broadcast Ready’s TV and radio journalists make sure that the right people from your organisation are media trained in a way where we also focus on performance.

Breaking news 24 hours a day, the internet and social media have made demand for information more immediate than ever. Are you ready to face the press at the drop of a hat?

Broadcast Ready’s media trainers have a wide experience of media training Chairmen, CEOs and senior directors from leading companies such as Samsung, Investec, Schroders plc and NBrown plc.

Our media trainers have worked in international broadcast journalism. From the world-acclaimed ITN ITV News, BBC News to Sky News.

Together they are Broadcast Ready. Make sure your top people are too.

To enquire about media training and applying to be on the site please email ku.oc.ydaertsacdaorbnull@trepxe or telephone [encode_content]+44 (0)1582 623456 [/encode_content]