Case Studies

Client Case Studies

  1. A £19 billion Assets Under Management stockbroking and investment firm in the UK worked with Broadcast Ready over a 14 month period. Broadcast Ready got their Chief Investment Officer on TV and radio up to between 2 to 8 times a month. This kind of broadcast PR was a major part of the client’s marketing and PR campaign. During a period of 9 months of those 14 months, the firm started with £200 million Assets Under Administration and went up to having £1 billion Assets Under Administration. They sold their business for more than they would have been able to, had they tried to sell it prior to Broadcast Ready’s PR campaign.  Over 14 months, we brought 103 TV and radio interview opportunities for their spokeswoman. Our client received a £3,134,550 Return on Investment in Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE).  The Contract with Broadcast Ready only came to an end because the firm was acquired by another company in June 2017, and so their broadcast spokesperson went onto a new role.

In October 2017, independent Chief Investment Officer Michelle McGrade said: “Broadcast Ready lives up to its name – Kerry made sure I was ready for TV interviews by coaching and teaching me to trust myself and bringing out the best of me.  I was forced onto TV against my better judgment, and after a short while, I started to enjoy it and I was in demand.  The sheer high volume of interview opportunities Broadcast Ready brought me was astounding.  But Kerry never let me get ahead of myself and she issued honest feedback, which kept me grounded and broadcast-ready!”


  1. Our second case study is about a leading polling firm, whereby we were hired for the General Election 2015 got 120 national TV and radio interview opportunities in five months across four spokespeople. The whole broadcast, online and print campaign received £4,051,731 Return on Investment in Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE).